Building a Czech-Indonesian team

Our intention is to help local people to play the role of conservationists in Indonesia. That is why we founded an Indonesian NGO titled Yayasan Peduli Kelestarian Satwa Liar (PASAL Foundation) in Sumatra. Indonesians thus form an essential part of our Trenggiling team. In addition to employees in the rescue and rehabilitation centre, we also have a field team from a partner village near our field forest area, which consists of former poachers of pangolins, slow lorises, and other endangered animals. Members of this field team work with local farmers and carry out other activities related to nature conservation and the future release and monitoring of rehabilitated animals. Thanks to the active involvement of the local community, the Trenggiling Conservation Program has succeeded in ending the hunting of pangolins, slow lorises, and other endangered species in the area.


1) Czech-Indonesian team in the rescue centre
2) Czech-Indonesian field team
3) Indonesian field team
4) On the way into the field